4,000 Reasons I don’t miss living in a third floor walk up

12,510 Days Alive

4,000+ Steps

3 Flights of Stairs

2 Friends Helped

1 Moving Truck

I am absolutely knackered. And so is my Darling Wife.

Today was spent in the company of our dear friends Gracie and Junior. They recently got married and are in the exhausting process of moving just down the road-literally. They’re a skip across the parking lot now.

But they have a third floor unit.

Which means we spent the day basically on a stair master from hell. It was humid. There were lovebugs trying their damndest to fly up my nose whilst my hands were full of boxes. It was hot and there wasn’t a breeze until late in the day.

However, while I am tired and achy as hell, I’m happy to help and honored I was able to be part of this next step in their journey together.

I’ve already crawled through the shower, hydrated, and ate. Now, I’m going the hell to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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