Rosh Hashana, Remembering, and Running Around

12,511 Days Alive

369 Days Since Diagnosis

1.6 Miles Walked

1 Sore Me

1 Day Till a Year Straight

Boy, did I do a lot today.

First things first, though. It’s been a year and four days since my diagnosis of Bipolar one. The 25th of September was my one year. I missed it this year; for some reason I thought it was the thirtieth. Oh well. Three hundred sixty nine days later… I still get mad about it. I mean, full on pissed. But not as often anymore. I’m still dealing with it, trying to find the right medications that help me function as a normal person.

I’m still suicidal. I still have really, really bad highs and lows. The depression can be crushing. The highs can have me up for days. But it’ll get better, I hope, especially as I take the next steps towards therapy and such.

Maybe it’s funny that today is the Jewish New Year. For starters, I slept through my alarm because I was awake until after two am for some damn reason despite being exhausted from helping Gracie and Junior move.

The cats let me sleep in, and dear, sweet Tink fed them breakfast like the awesome dame she is. I slept till half nine or so, no shadow headache in sight.

Then Linna and I met up to hang out and get some things done. I picked up some T-pins from JoAnne’s so I can block things a whole lot easier. We also picked up one of my very necessary meds that I was out of from Publix after grabbing breakfast.

There’s something about breaking metaphoric bread (in this case honeyed biscuits) with a friend that just warms my heart. High Holy Day or not, it means a lot to me when people put their phones down for a bit and have a conversation with their meal. Not everyone is keen to, and that’s fine, but it’s something I enjoy.

Linna and I wandered the local Dollar Tree and PetSmart while waiting for her nail appointment to start. We met these two lovely kittens named Wilson and…something I can’t recall now. And another male cat named Phisher whose white with black spots literally had him described as “cow”. He seemed such a lovebug.

Since Linna has an event later this week, she got these awesome short stiletto nails in a matte burgundy. And then we swung by the local grocery for something I needed to pick up for the house.

By then, it was nearly supper time but we weren’t quite peckish yet, so I got my haircut that I’ve been meaning to for weeks!

I’ll post a picture when I’m a little more put together.

We had taco salads at the local Tijuana Flats and then went for a wander at Target. I found this super cute top for work I plan to wear tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I should get to bed. I’m still tired from yesterday’s exertions.

Take your meds, folks!

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