The 2020 Golden Trio Reading Challenge

I can’t sleep! So. Have a reading challenge!

Have you heard of the Golden Trio Reading Challenge?

I attempted this year, being the current year of 2019, but wasn’t quite successful. Read all about it below!

Here’s the specs, as put out by Flourish and Blott’s.

You’ll notice this challenge is from 2019. I’m still going to participate in it this year. Also, this year, I’m reading nothing but books written by women! Because why not?

Here’s the list:

Author FirstAuthor LastTitleChallenge Name:Challenge Entails:
JaneAustenPride and PrejudiceAncient RunesRead a book set before you were born
KymGrossoImmortals of New Orleans: Luca’s Magic EmbraceApparitionRead a book set somewhere you want to travel
MercedesLackeyOne Good KnightArithmancyRead a book with a number in the title
MaryFanStarsweptAstronomyRead a book with a star on the cover or in the title
KatieCrossBon Bons to Yoga PantsBathilda BagshotRead a book written by a woman
MireilleGuilianoFrench Women for All SeasonsBeaubatonsRead a book by a French author
KymGrossoImmortals of New Orleans: Tristan’s Lyceum WolvesCare of Magical CreaturesRead a book with an animal on the cover
MercedesLackeyThe Snow QueenCharmsRead a book with a charming cover
DorothyDreyerPhoenix DescendingDeathly HallowsRead a book with a symbol on the cover
J.A.ArmitageDark WaterDefense Against the Dark ArtsRead a book about Good vs. Evil
Sarah AddisonAllenThe Girl Who Chased the Moon: A NovelDivinationRead a book that includes prophecy or fortune telling
JKRowlingHarry Potter and the Goblet of FireDumbledoreRead a book involving a school or teacher
AmandaLambLove Lies: A True Story of Marriage and Murder in the SuburbsDumbledore’s ArmyRead a book about social justice or a current issue
SheilaRobertsWinter at the BeachDurmstrangRead a book with a boat in it
MariaDuenasThe Heart Has Its ReasonsFleur DelacourRead a book translated from another language
TBDTBDTBDFlourish and BlottsRead a 2020 release
SarahPainterThe Night Raven (Crow Investigations Book 1)FlyingRead a book with a bird on the cover
GloriaVanderbiltDouble Exposure: A Twin AutobiographyFred & GeorgeRead a book with twins in it
SaraGruenWater for Elephants: A NovelGilderoy LockheartRead a book from a celebrity book club
WillowWintersDamaged: A Poetry CollectionGinnyRead a book of poetry
MargaretAtwoodThe Handmaid’s TaleGringottsread a book with gold foiling
Louisa MayAlcottLittle WomenGryffindorRead a book recommended by a Gryffindor
JKRowlingHarry Potter and the Sorcerer’s StoneHarryRe-read a Harry Potter Book
MearaPlattMy Fair LilyHe who must not be namedRead a book with a character that shares a name with an HP character
MercedesLackeyThe Sleeping BeautyHelga HufflepuffRead a book that represents this founder’s values
SarahPainterThe Garden of MagicHerbologyRead a book related to nature
JKRowlingHarry Potter and the Deathly HallowsHermioneRead a book over 500 pages
Peggy L.HendersonYellowstone Heart SongHistory of MagicRead a historical fiction
JKRowlingHarry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanHogwarts-A HistoryRead a book that intimidates you
MalalaYousafzaiI Am MalalaHouse CupRead a book that has won an award
SMReineWitch HuntHufflepuffRead a book recommended by a Hufflepuff
Sarah AddisonAllenThe Sugar Queen: A NovelIlvermornyRead a book by an American author
EmilyCarpenterBurying the Honeysuckle GirlsLuna LovegoodRead a book about creativity or something unusual
JoyLincolnRobin Williams: The BiographyMuggle StudiesRead a memoir or biography
JKRowlingHarry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixNewtRead a book containing a fantastic beast
JKRowlingHarry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsPotionsRead a book with potions/alchemy/chemistry in it
JaneGrizAn Heir for PemberleyProfessor McGonagallRead a book iwth a strong female lead
StephanieJulianThe Brick Wall: Redtails HockeyQuidditchRead a book involving a sport
Rae D.MagdonThe Second SisterRavenclawRead a book recommended by a Ravenclaw
MayaAngelouI Know Why the Caged Bird SingsRestricted SectionRead a banned book
Amy RoseBennettAll She Wants for Christmas: A Regency Christmas NovellaRonRead a book under 200 pages
AliceHoffmanThe Rules of Magic: A NovelRowena RavenclawRead a book that represents this founder’s values
SaraWhitfordThe Smuggler’s GambitSalazar SlytherinRead a book that represents this founder’s values
KymGrossoImmortals of New Orleans: Kade’s Dark EmbraceSlytherinRead a book recommended by a Slytherin
JKRowlingHarry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceSnapeRead a book that contains page 394
JKRowlingHarry Potter and the Cursed ChildThe Chosen OneRead a book that mentions Harry Potter
MercedesLackeyBeauty and the WerewolfThe Dark MarkRead a book with a dark cover
MercedesLackeyThe Fairy GodmotherTransfigurationRead a book about a huge change
PearlGoodfellowBohemian RhapsoDIEUmbridgeRead a book with a pink cover
KarinSlaughterPieces of HerWizarding RadioListen to an audiobook

Now, that isn’t all that I’ll be reading.

I’m reading a total of 111 books in 2020, which is about half the goal that I set for myself in 2019. So, hopefully, it is a little more achievable. You can read all about my 2020 Women Writers Reading Challenge here.

Flourish and Blotts has a different challenge for 2020: the Wizarding World Tour Reading Challenge. I’m going to try to complete at least two of the locations:

I’m not quite sure which school I’m going to focus on, but I’m leaning towards Uagadou:

  • Read a book over 450 pages
  • Read a book with a moon on the cover
  • Read a self-help book
  • Read a book that includes an animal
  • Read a book where a character follows a dream
  • Read a book with a symbol on the cover
  • Read a book with a hand on the cover

What are you reading or planning to read in 2020? Tell me all about it!

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