Yarn and a Yowling Cat

12,593 Days Alive

1 Bag of Yarn

I won a round of holiday Bingo today! And got to have pizza for dinner.

Now if only I could get rid of the headache I’ve had the last two days.

I kind of faked it through today because I was feeling so awful. Might go to bed early since I have plans with Chelé tomorrow.

I kicked off the 2020 Scrapghan today, it being Yule Eve, I figured I’ll give myself a year and a day to make the gorram thing. Some great colors, though.

And where there’s yarn, there’s my boys.

Sleepy Spock

Spock has perched behind me and decided it is nap time.

Peanut just likes yowling for affection.

Peanut the Prettyboy

I’m watching holiday baking shows and working on line four of the 2020 Scrapghan. It’s eighty five stitches wide, with a large border planned.

I’m off to crochet.

Take your meds, folks.

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