Of Laughter and Laundry

13,350 Days Alive

1,402 Blog Posts Since PostmarkWonderland Started

2 Vanilla Cupcakes Eaten

1 Mount Laundry Conquered and (Mostly) Put Away

Today was Chele’s grand-tiny human’s birthday party. I managed to avoid sunburn, talking to too many morons, and getting smacked by an errant pinata stick. To be clear: none of these happened. I am grateful. I am also grateful for the invite in the first place.

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#WitchyWednesday: Week 13

Happy Wednesday!

These are the last four prompts! I’ve been posting for the last several weeks, on Wednesdays. These posts have been tagged #WitchyWednesday on Twitter. I’m happy to clarify anything and respond to any questions or comments. Feel free to contact me as well! As for the prompts, they’re originally from a Tumblr post by user Baduhennasraven.

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200th Post!

12,296 Days Alive

153 Days since Diagnosis of Bipolar 1

13 Major Life Events

I started this blog on Tuesday, 25th September 2018. It hasn’t been all that long. Well. Maybe it has? 153 days since my diagnosis. That is five months; that is twenty-two weeks as of today. It breaks down to 3670 some-odd hours, 220,350 minutes or so, or about 12,219,700 seconds. Again, give or take.

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