Of Breakfast and Beverages

13,365 Days Alive

$12.00 For a Drink at a Kava Bar

1 Awesome Day

I spent over 12 hours with Cleo today. It was awesome AND I got writing done.

But I am exhausted so here’s a brief recap:

Breakfast with Cleo and her mom with a side of an at-home COVID test as a precautionary measure.

Art show at a local synagogue with Cleo and her mom, Zee. It was a lovely time and had a lot of pieces I loved.

A few hours at a St. Pete kava bar called The Mad Hatters while we both worked on writing projects.

I let Cleo read some of my writing and the world didn’t end. They even liked it!

Gave Cleo a tarot reading of the month to come.

Back to my place for pizza and a viewing of the absolutely ridiculous movie Velocipastor. It was hilariously bad.

And then a cuppa tea to end the evening.

Meds and such taken. Now I go pass out.

Don’t forget to take your meds, folks!

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