Of Grilled Cheese and Goodbyes

13,212 Days Alive

729 Days Straight on Duolingo

7 Slices of Bacon Eaten

2.5 Grilled Cheeses Eaten

1 Departing Coworker

My friend Izzy is leaving. Or has left. The office gossip hasn’t decided. Nor has she, apparently, as she called out again today, the poor thing.

Work went well, despite my lack of spoons. I got a lot done and plan to go into work early again tomorrow.

I’m chugging along on Papa Tom’s Buffalo Plaid Blanket.

Image is of a crocheted blanket with alternating blocks of bright red, burgundy, and black in a Buffalo Plaid pattern.

I’m still struggling mentally, but I know that this cloud over the moon will pass. Or I need my meds adjusted. One of the two. Insert unknowing shrug and vague noise of confusion here. All I know is that I’m suicidal and unfinished business in the form of unfinished blankets would absolutely assure that I would become a ghost.

I’m a dehydrated noodle today so I’m going to go drink a big glass of water and go to bed.

Take your meds, folks!

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