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37 Page Pattern for All Skulls Mosaic Crochet Blanket

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Crafting update!!

I am so excited to be spending my day off watching video tutorials of crocheting. Specifically the mosaic crochet tutorials from Sixel Designs.

So! This is the pattern by Alexis Sixel that I’m using for Charles’ All Skulls Mosaic Crochet Blanket, abbreviated as the All Skulls Blanket or ASB henceforth. The ASB is going to be the most difficult pattern I’ve ever attempted. Here’s a picture of the blanket I’m going to be making:

Super intense, right??? I mean, I thought I was doing something pretty advanced with Daisy Farm Crafts’ Buffalo Plaid Blanket that I’m working on for my godfather and his wife. I’m about two-thirds the way done with that one. But seriously, this All Skulls Blanket is a seventeen section, thirty seven page pattern. I’ll be working in left-handed mosaic crochet, so not only am I reading an unfamiliar pattern, I have to do it BACKWARDS.

I’m vibrating with excitement at the challenge.

J, my bestie and Charles’ spouse, is also getting a blanket for their own, though nowhere near as advanced. It does interlocking mosaic crochet and is called the Griddle Stitch Inverse Squares Blanket by Daisy Farm Crafts.

If you can’t tell, I really adore the patterns from Daisy Farm Crafts. I have a few favorite designers, honestly. Attic24 is one of them as well. I highly recommend her Ripple Blanket Tutorial for anyone wanting to do a flat ripple blanket for the first time.

I’ll be making both blankets in Big Twist yarn from JoAnne’s in both black and white. It’s a “valued yarn”, technically. But it’s super soft, machine washable, and doesn’t tear up my hands like some other value yarns. **Cough cough Red Heart cough cough**.

I’m also working on Cleo’s blanket, Chelé’s shawl, and Mellon’s Mystery Machine Mosaic Blanket. So I have four projects on the hook right now.

Anyway, I’m off to work on the Buffalo Plaid Blanket and try to finish it before the yarn for J and Charles’ yarn gets here.

Take your meds, folks.

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