Of Soup and Skills

Second post of the day!

Not much going on right now…

Mellon made this amazing sausage and veg soup for dinner. He added “too much” red pepper flakes, so it was perfectly spiced for me. Made my nose run and everything!

I work tomorrow, ten am to five, so I don’t get a lunch break. I don’t mind as much as I should. I do get a fifteen minute break. So I can chow down on a sandwich then, or grab something from the deli to eat.

I’m staying up till 12:30 or so, since I just ate a very late dinner, to be asleep by one. I’m just going to work more on the Buffalo Plaid Blanket for my godfather.

The yarn for J and Charles’ blankets arrived much earlier than assumed! It’s a massive box. Like, borderline ludicrous in size. I’m so excited.

I hate it, but I’m going to have to “frog” most of the M4 blanket for Mellon. I just screwed up the count somewhere and can’t stand the wobbly edge. At least I know the pattern well now. And I posted on Reddit about the blanket and got some awesome feedback/hints about the All Skulls Blanket from strangers on the interwebs.

Laundry is mostly put away, so I don’t feel bad about crocheting to pass the time before bed.

I’m off to yarn. Take your meds, folks!

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