Of Tutorials and Toasted Bread

13,719 Days Alive

2 Pieces of Jalapeño Focaccia Eaten

1 Forty Seven Minute Tutorial on Mosaic Crochet Watched

I am a fucking carbohydrate gremlin when I’m being run over by my menstrual cycle. I spot constantly, which sucks, but now I’m actively bleeding.

I literally had two types of bread and some sausage for dinner. Pigs in a blanket and two decently large hunks of jalapeño focaccia bread. Oh, and water. Because water is important.

I still haven’t slept. I’ve been awake for something like forty hours now. Not mania, for once. Just pain robbing me of sleep. Cramps suck, especially since I was mildly dehydrated yesterday so it was even worse.

But I’m better hydrated today. And I got new shoes from work! New Balance non-slips from Shoes for Crews. They’re pretty comfortable, but I’m still going to get insoles for them.

I’m watching a long ass tutorial on something terribly named, “Apache Tears”, a pattern from the 70’s.

I’m so sad that my yarn baller died. It broke somehow. I’ve asked Mellon to get me a new one for the next random holiday.

Speaking of random holidays, I decided to give Mellon some pink daisies and his favorite candy, peanut M&Ms, along with a cosmic crisp apple. They’re rather expensive, but they love sweet apples as much as I do tart ones. I am more a Granny Smith goblin. Heh.

I’m going to wrap up what I’m doing and head to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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