Of Tamales and Tooth Faeries

13,720 Days Alive

3 Chicken Tamales Eaten

1 Pathfinder Session Played

We’re playing Pathfinder with Mellon’s friends and our roommates. We leveled up to level two this session.

I managed not to die in this session, which I almost did last time. I really like playing and Mellon, who is the dungeon master for this game, let’s me crochet while we play!

We went to a local Taquiera for dinner tonight. A place called Ricky’s with amazing food. I liked the tacos and loved the tamales. Their spicier salsa was just the right amount of heat.

I’m still working on my godfather’s Buffalo Plaid Blanket. I think I’m almost done with it; I still need to do a few more repeats of the pattern and the border, which takes forever and a half.

I open tomorrow so I’m going to take a shower before bed, I think. Five am comes early.

I’m off for now. Take your meds, folks.

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