Of Buffalo Plaid and Boredom

13,721 Days Alive

15 Repeats of the Pattern on the Buffalo Plaid Blanket

12 Jalapeño Poppers Eaten

1 New Chair Cushion

Man alive I am so tired and bored and restless all at the same time.

I woke up at five am today, just as Mellon was coming to bed, to go to work. I’m exhausted after a long day and I will be just as tired tomorrow because I work a nine hour day because we have no coverage for Sundays. We’re also down two part timers and one full timer is cutting back their hours and it’s just a bit of a train wreck.

I’m trying so hard to finish the Buffalo Plaid Blanket by next Friday so I can wash it and mail it to my godfather. I think he still has the first blanket I made for him, or at least I hope he does? Anyway, this blanket will be for their new-ish home.

I’m way behind on my reading for 2023. I’m still fighting through Hooked for some reason. I’m not even enjoying it all that much. I’m vaguely interested to see if the bad guy/main character and Wendy bang, but that’s about it. I should just DNF it and move on. It never takes me more than a week or so to read a book.

I may go to bed early tonight. I’m just bored and in pain because of the stupid velociraptors that have taken up residence in my uterus doing their monthly roller derby game or whatever the fuck my body is doing to itself now. I hate having a uterus. Not necessarily in a body dysmorphia kind of way, though on my cycle I do have a bit of that, too. But more in the I’ve asked four different doctors to scoop the bitch out and they’ve either decided that isn’t what I wanted, straight up said no, or made it cost-prohibitive even with halfway decent health insurance.

Yeah, it’s eight o’clock. I’m going to say fuck it and crawl into bed early tonight. Game’s called on account of me having the morbs.

Take your meds, folks.

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