Of Laughter and Laundry

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Today was Chele’s grand-tiny human’s birthday party. I managed to avoid sunburn, talking to too many morons, and getting smacked by an errant pinata stick. To be clear: none of these happened. I am grateful. I am also grateful for the invite in the first place.

I even got a ring pop out of the goodie bag Chele’s progeny gave me. Said offspring is an adult and is the maternal unit of aforementioned tiny human. In any case, it was vaguely organized chaos at the party and I spent the majority of it just sitting across from Chele and fielding questions from various unknown tiny humans.

The birthday girl loved her gifts, enough to give me a hug! It was very sweet, very unexpected.

J came over today, once I got home. They were climbing the walls at home so the two of us stole Fen for a few hours. We had dinner at TFlats; we wandered around Michael’s after dinner to work off the food. I found the perfect yarn to make a wrap for myself with! And it was on sale for less than five dollars!

After our little adventure, it was time for lo-fi music and tackling the laundry. The delicates and socks are in the wash right now. Everything else is piled precariously in the laundry basket, is waiting to be put into the underwear drawer, or is hung up. I’m proud of myself and grateful for the help that Fen and J lent.

It’s half past eleven and I am turning into a pumpkin that need a damned large dose of pain meds for my poor back. I’m going to bed.

Take your meds, folks!

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