Christmas Day 2019

12,598 Days Alive

1 Awesome Christmas

Today started much like any other Wednesday. My alarm went off at 6:20am to feed the cats.

But the , magic of the holidays, I got to go back to bed.

And I did, for a while. Then I got up and crocheted whilst I waited, impatiently, for everyone else to wake up.

Once everyone was awake, we did stockings and gifts.

I got some awesome tea, socks, some candy, awesome fandom earrings, and tickets to go see Aladdin in January with Tink!

After that, the girls made a lovely Christmas breakfast/brunch of pancakes, bacon, and sausage.

I took out the trash and then caught a nap after that. I will always take the chance for a nap, if presented to me.

For dinner, it was an amazing small spread we shared with Ally and Ash, Stephanie’s four year old niece and her mother. Pickled green beans, Caprese salad, baked potatoes, and steak!

There was cake for dessert!

It was Tink’s birthday yesterday and we never got the chance to do cake so we did it today, after Christmas dinner.

Mentally, I’m actually okay. I’m tired but the mental radio is just stuck on the Trans Siberian Orchestra today, it seems. Missing some family, but I can carve out time to go see them in the New Year. I can’t believe 2020 is only a week away!

I’m headed to bed. My meds are kicking in.

Don’t forgetting to take your meds, folks.

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