8th Night of Hanukkah: Sushi, Showman, and Supernatural

12,602 Days Alive

3 Rolls of Sushi Eaten

1 Movie Watched: The Greatest Showman

We didn’t get home until after two am last night from game. I had a blast but, man, did I want to throw my phone when my alarm went off at 6:20 to feed the cats.

Steph had plans to go help her cousin today. So, I went back to bed after Steph left but couldn’t seem to fall back asleep, so it was Netflix and crocheting until my friend Joy showed up for our lunch outing. I’m doing a slow Supernatural rewatch.

We went to lunch, which I enjoyed thoroughly, and then came back to the house to watch The Greatest Showman.

It was a great musical and a good movie. I enjoyed the bearded lady character the most, I think. And the albino twins’ lovely costumes.

Afterward, I kinda accidentally crashed while crocheting for about two hours. So I guess I needed a nap.

When I woke up, I was hella sore. My whole right side feels stiff and aches, so I took my meds to try and help. I might try and do some yoga before bed.

Mentally, I’m… all right. Not great, but okay. I’m so foggy right now, mentally, that I’m not quite sure how I’m feeling.

I’m going to go stretch.

Take your meds, folks.

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