Baby Bubble’s Birthday

12,664 Days Alive

Dozens of Photos Taken

1 Nee Haircut and a Birthday Baby

Today was Baby Bubble’s birthday party. Cousin Kay, Grandma Gator, and I rode in together to Mal and Bubbles’ house for the party with a bunch of other friends and family.

It was a blast but boy am I tired. I was up and out early on errands today. Got a haircut, just a basic trim and buzz down of my sides.

Did some window shopping, walked around a lot. Got myself a little salad for lunch before meeting up with Cousin Kay and Grandma Gator.

Traffic was terrible heading into Orlando. Just, so bad. We were almost half an hour late and we left at two. The trip was totally worth it though.

Mal and Bubbles loved all of the clothes I got for Baby Bubbles. And I even got to feed her a bottle today. It was super sweet.

Baby Bubble and I

She’s growing so fast. I’ll have to add another letter to the pile for her tomorrow.

For now, I’m knackered. The mental radio is down to low, right now, so that’s something.

Bubbles and I

I’m off to bed. Take your meds, folks.

Baby Bubbles, Mallard, his friend’s baby Jack, and I

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