Drag Brunch

12,672 Days Alive

109 Miles Driven

1 Tired Theo

Today was Drag Brunch at Cape Coral Pride. It was a blast, but boy am I tired. Cousin J, Grandma Gator, and I went together.

It was so much fun. The performers were amazing and all stunning. The food was pretty good, too. I had a vodka cranberry.

I also got to meet up with my sister Lauren for a little while after brunch. I got to see her and my nieces, Ana and Tegan. I didn’t take any photos of her, but hope to see them again soon.

On the negative side, I’m stressed out. My check engine light came on while I was driving home from Cape Coral. I’m praying it’s nothing major, but jeeze did it make my chest hurt from anxiety while I was driving. I’m going to go to Auto Zone after work tomorrow and see if they’ll do a diagnosis scan on my car, see if it’s something small like the battery or coolant levels or something.

It’s after ten already! I meant to take a nap after my shower but never got around to it. Whoops. I think I’ll go to bed now. Early start to the day tomorrow, after all.

Take your meds, folks.

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