#WitchyWednesday: Week 1

Happy Wednesday! Here’s the kickoff for #WriteYourWitchcraft, originally from a Tumblr post by user Baduhennasraven.

I’ll be doing four prompts a week, on Wednesdays, tagged #WitchyWednesday on Twitter. I’m happy to clarify anything and respond to any questions or comments. Feel free to contact me as well!

Here’s this week’s prompts:

  1. Am I an open and proud witch, or do I (need to) hide my craft?
  2. What are the basic morals and ethics I feel I should live by?
  3. Which cultures do I draw from in my witchcraft?
  4. Where do my witchy talents lie?

These are some fun ones!

Am I an open and proud witch or do I need to hide my craft?

I am open and proud! I’ve worn the same pentacle on my grandmother’s chain since 2003 and rarely take it off. Well, other than when I’m doing the annual cleansing of it on the solstice and/or when I’m coloring my hair. I’m not obnoxious about it though, I think. Except for here.

What are the basic morals and ethics I feel I should live by?

I identify as believing in “Universal Humanism“. This, for me, is the thought is that people, as in individuals themselves, can make their lives and the world around them better through both action and their faith in themselves. Magic is just prayer and action through instrumentality. There is no such thing as one fixed solution or one always-correct answer to a problem. The answer changes as the situation does. Personal flexibility and adaptability is mandatory. How that is relevant: regardless of your personal pantheon, the name of your faith, or personal wealth, one should always strive to be better and make the world better through their actions.

Furthermore, I’m a big believer in Karma, the Golden Rule, and just straight up “don’t be an asshole” when it comes to things like life, faith, and basic human decency. I try to maintain a “do no harm but take no shit” mentality, but I’m a bit of a softie, if I’m honest.

Ethics…I’m what I consider a Gray Witch, which means I don’t fall on the “fluffy bunny” side of the scale, but I don’t go out trying to enact harm on others, either. Again, “do no harm, but take no shit.” I have no qualms against protection spells or a straight-out punch to the face, situation depending.

Which cultures do I draw from in my witchcraft?

When I first started, I pulled a lot from the DJ Conway book Celtic Magic. I still have it, too. These days, I don’t know if I pull from a specific culture? I just…use whatever deity best fits my needs for actualization of intent. Mostly, I focus on Greek, Roman, Celtic, and Norse deities are the ones I think I use the most. I pull from some Gypsy and Strega traditions as well as Judaism. That last is a bit of a pop fly to left field, right? Well, I was raised Jewish, as my mother is and her mother was, ad nauseam.

Where do my witchy talents lie?

Anyone that’s known me since college can tell you the answer to this one: tarot cards, hands down, is my biggest talent. I’m also halfway decent at slinging off the cuff rhyming spells, and making hex cards. (Hex, in this context, isn’t a negative, just a descriptor of a type of spell anchored in an object.)

And I make bespelled or blessed objects like nightmare snares, a crocheted center in a floral wreath I make similar to the Native American dream catcher, blankets, or scarves.

Well, that’s all for this week! Blessed Be, folks, and take your meds!

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