Tarot, of a Sort, on Tuesday

I’m a fan of tarot cards and cartomancy. I collect both tarot cards and playing cards, actually, and enjoy them both immensely.

If you’re not familiar with the term “Cartomancy”, it is using regular playing cards as tarot cards.

I’m on my lunch break and have some time to kill before I go back to work, so I pulled a basic three card spread asking how I can I make this week better.

I pulled the following, using the Bicycle Firefly deck I had in my purse:

Seven of Clubs, Jack of Clubs, and Nine of Diamonds. The Clubs correlate to the tarot suit wands, usually meaning creativity and action. Pulling two in a row means I should definitely pay attention to the actions I’m taking.

The Seven of Clubs means prosperity and success. I think this means that I will meet my goals all this week and excel in what I put my mind to doing. But it also speaks to the fact that effort is needed, because sevens can also mean stagnation or lack of action.

The Jack of Clubs means reliability; I should get used to the high workload and be able to duplicate the success of this week in the future and across the board. As a court card, I think this is the main message of the reading.

The Nine of Diamonds usually means a surprise with money, restlessness, or growth, when viewed positively. Maybe I’ll finally get my ninety day review to go through and get a bit of a raise? Or maybe we’ll get a second stimulus check. Either way, I think this speaks more to my own feelings of anxiety about money in this context.

I pulled one more card, as a resolution card: I got the Queen of Diamonds: Queens in general usually speak to women or the feminine and growth. Diamonds specifically are all about practicality and the real world, as they correspond with the tarot suit of Pentacles.

Getting two Diamonds and two clubs in the same reading say to me that I need to be business-minded, proactive, and diligent this week to ensure success now and in the future.

4 thoughts on “Tarot, of a Sort, on Tuesday

    1. I’ve been doing tarot since 1999 with my Osho Zen deck. But don’t be fooled, I still look at my book or reference sheet all the time!


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