Lunch Break: #TarotTuesday

So I forgot to swap out the decks in my purse last week, so it’s the Bicycle Firefly deck again for #TarotTuesday

I am short on time, so I did a quick four card draw:

The heart of the matter:

The Ten of Spades jumped out, literally, and means worries or being troubled. Which, ya know, I am having anxiety and all. But no, I’m literally worried about a lot of things right now and could use a reminder to not worry as much about things I can’t control. I can control how I react to situations, not how other people do.

Inner Influences:

The Five of Diamonds was what I pulled. It stands for success and prosperity. So maybe that’s a reminder that everything will be okay. I need to remember that.

Outside Influences:

When pulled as an influence card, the Queen of Spades a signifies a dark haired woman. It could mean Steph, it could mean my mom, my boss, or a host of other people in my life. I’m not sure.

The Future:

The Ace of Clubs is a fantastic card to pull for the future. It means health, wealth, love, and happiness.

A very positive reading despite being in a very negative head space.

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