Self-Love Journal Prompt: Day 5

Happy Tuesday! This one is…weird. I get why I included it, but it also makes me a little self-conscious.

Quick recap: for me, May of 2020 is all about self-love. Each day, I’ll be working from one of the prompts from Tia Harding’s 32 Self-Love Journal Prompts or from The Petite Planner’s 30 Days of Self-Love.

Here’s today’s prompt: “How many people do you think you’ve made smile in your lifetime?

Well. This one calls for a great deal of reflection.

The answer to this questions is “a lot”. Most of the people in my life, actually.

I know I can make J smile. They’re my best friend and I’m able to make them grin when I tell the “A psychic told me that if we didn’t hook up, we’d regret it for the rest of our lives!” story. Yes, that’s an actual pickup line from an actual human male that tried to get in my pants. To his credit, I was wearing a corset at the time, being that we were in costume at the Ren Faire. And, poor thing, he was punch drunk on Dayquil. Tried to get me to sit on his lap while he was in a camping chair. Heh. Still, it’s one of my fondest Renaissance Faire memories.

When I was married to Steph, I tried, actively, to make her smile at least once a day. Literally set myself a goal to make her smile or laugh. I think it got a little annoying to her, actually, but my intentions were good. I miss that, but, life goes on.

I remember one time, on a broken down L-train in Chicago, I made someone smile because I had a tiny super bright flashlight in my purse. It was my mother’s birthday and I missed out on going to Olive Garden because I was trapped underground with a bunch of other people.

I crack jokes a lot, as I use humor as a deflection tool quite often, but I’m trying not as much these days and to be more genuine in my feelings. It’s one of the reasons I’m doing this exercise.

Well, gotta jet!

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