Malcontent on a Monday

12,729 Days Alive

My day did not at all go to plan and it made me frustrated to the point of tears.

I feel like I’m failing at work. I feel like I’m failing at friendships. And I’m absolutely failing at maintaining weight loss because I keep yo-yoing.

I can even find happiness in crocheting. I don’t like any of the projects I’m currently working on that much except the velvet cloak.

I slept terribly last night, which likely didn’t help. I was up till one, up at three, four, five, and six. I’m exhausted and frazzled and so tired of being stressed out.

I hate this stupid COVID-19 mess and how it has completely killed my ability to go out and see people. I feel stifled and isolated and absolutely miserable.

I’m going to go read for a bit and crawl into bed early.

Take your meds, folks.

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