Self-Love Prompt: Day 13

Lucky number thirteen!

Quick recap: for me, May of 2020 is all about self-love. Each day, I’ll be working from one of the prompts from Tia Harding’s 32 Self-Love Journal Prompts or from The Petite Planner’s 30 Days of Self-Love.

Here’s today’s prompt: “What three things are you grateful for about yourself?

One! My ability to hear, even as wonky as it is with tinnitus. I may be slightly hard of hearing, but I can still listen to music, hear birds, and talk on the phone for work and for pleasure.

Two! My ability to express myself via art; be it drawing, card making, crocheting, or anything else. Even if no one else gets it, I get it.

Three! My ability to cook, because otherwise I’d go hungry a lot. Being able to cook for others, especially, is something I enjoy doing.

And a bonus one because, why not?! Four! I’m endlessly grateful for my resilience in difficult times.

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