Self-Love Journal Prompt: Day 19

Home stretch! Just twelve more days of these journal prompts. This has been hard.

Quick recap: May of 2020 is all about self-love. I’m trying to be kinder and embrace a more self-focused positive attitude. Each day, I’ll be working from one of the prompts from Tia Harding’s 32 Self-Love Journal Prompts or from The Petite Planner’s 30 Days of Self-Love.

Here’s today’s prompt: “What do you want more of in your life?

Oh boy, another vague prompt. I feel like I could give a wrong answer, even though I’m only really just…thinking out loud, to the world. Heh.

What do I want more of? Material goods aren’t things that genuinely make me happy, other than some yarn and books.

I want more laughter in my life. More smiles and adventures to new places. Or visiting old haunts and finding new friends. I want more experimentation and boundary pushing in my life. I want more affection, more hugs. More hugs for sure.

I want to challenge myself.

I want to finish a damn novel.

But mostly, I want more happiness. And so far, the new medication seems to be helping with that with very few ill effects.

So. That’s the quick and dirty on that prompt! Have a good day, folks!

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