Tired Tuesday

12,744 Days Alive

200+ Ounces of Water Consumed

I’m super hydrated and super tired.

I treated myself to a Zero Sugar Mountain Dew after work today, since I had to go to WalMart for more blood testing strips.

Despite the amount of caffeine I have imbibed today, I’m ready Freddy to pass out right now.

I’m chatting with Linna; keeping them company for a bit whilst they work. I chatted with J earlier, and even managed to call Mal and check in on him, Baby Bubble, and the soon to be hatched Baby Bubble 2.

I’m still working on Cousin Kay’s blanket. Slow going but it’ll be worth it.

Beyond that, not much going on. Work went really well today.

I’m exhausted. I’m headed to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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