Of Travel and Temperatures (Most Heinous)

14,017 Days Alive

7 Hours without Air Conditioning at Work

1 Hour Free

They sent us home early today, by an hour, because the power kept flickering and we were without air conditioning for the day due to a broken pipe in the building, or something like that. It was miserable.

But I made it through the day, with tons of support from my coworkers. Izzy is probably my favorite. I make sure to pack extra cheese it’s for her so she can have an afternoon snack.

I literally sat in the shower till the water ran cold after work today. I’m praying the AC is fixed tomorrow.

I’m still loving work oodles. But I’m looking forward to this holiday weekend. I’ll be spending it with Mal and Bubbles and their girls, baby Little Bee and officially-a-toddler Little Evie, formerly addressed and known as Baby Bubbles!

I’m bringing my tarot cards, hair dye equipment, and my binder for novel working titled Midnight Calls.

I mostly faffed about on the computer this evening, but got a little more crocheting done on Papa Ben’s blanket. It’s nearly done! I just have to figure out the border for it. Maybe a reversed single crochet to give it some dimension? I dunno.

Fen is being a dear and looking after Spock for me this weekend. I’m so excited that we’re re-upping the lease together for another year.

I’ve appeased the Duolingo owl so I’m for bed.

As ever, take your meds, folks!

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