Review: Matchmaking For Beginners

By Maddie Dawson

Available on: Amazon, Audible, and Barnes and Noble.

Read as part of the Golden Trio Reading Challenge, “Hogwarts Library”.


Blurb: Blix knows she is ill, knows she is dying. She also knows that her great-nephew’s fiance Marnie is the one to fill her shoes while she goes on to the next adventure. Because it’s not just anyone who can see when people are a perfect match for one another. Marnie is special. She just doesn’t know special she is until she meets Blix.

Trigger Warnings:

Ableism, Bullying, Death, Emotional Abuse, Food, Infidelity, Introversion (Severe), Magic, Poor Coping Mechanisms, Toxic Masculinity

Body Count: 2

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Review: Wolves and Roses: Fairy Tales of the Magicorum, Book 1

By: Christina Bauer

Available on: Amazon, Audible, and Barnes and Noble.


Blurb: Bryar Rose’s sleeping curse keeps her life firmly stuck in fairy tale hell. Her life has been dictated by her sleeping curse and forced into the path of a Sleeping Beauty. With her three literal fairy godmothers trying to marry her off before her eighteenth birthday, Bryar is willing to do anything to just be normal. Unfortunately, she and her best friend Ella are going to find a world of trouble beyond the Wall Street Prince and his werewolf best friend that they occasionally steal from. From dumping her pushy fake boyfriend to avoiding a ball to burning down a house, Bryar has a rough few days leading up to her birthday.

Trigger Warnings:

Bastardization of Culture, Bastardization of Mythology, Blood, Bullying, Child Abuse, Child Prostitution, Death, Drug Use (Illicit), Drug Use (Non-Consensual), Drug Use (Prescription), Eating Disorder, Emotional Abuse, Excessive Profanity, Fatmisia, Fatphobia, Food, Gore, Gun Violence, Murder, Non-Consensual Touching, Plot Holes the Size of a Canadian Province, Sexism, Slavery, Toxic Masculinity, Unsafe Lifestyle, Violence, Violent Imagery

Body Count: too many to count

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Review: Bound, The Witches of Doyle Book 1

By: Kirsten Weiss

Available on: Amazon, Audible, and Barnes and Noble.


Blurb: Karin, Jayce, and Lenore are dealing with a lot right now. Jayce has a corpse in her coffee shop. Karin has the hots for a total stranger. And Lenore sees death on the wind. There’s a lot going on that is happening unseen, and magic is thick in the air for this starter to the Witches of Doyle series.

Trigger Warnings:

Animal Death, Blood, Death, Drug Use (Non-Consensual), Drug Use (Prescription), Food, Gun Violence, Murder, Violence, Violent Imagery, Witchcraft

Body Count: 3

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Review: Edge of Shadows

Edge of Shadows

By: Cege Smith 

Find it here on Amazon.


img_0742 Book 1 of 3 in The Shadows Series

This story could be summed up, without spoilers, as “Ellie has the strangest, most stressful week ever. It literally changes her life and that’s before she finds out about her ex-husband’s newest omission of truth.”

Trigger Warnings:

Domestic Violence, Alcoholism, Poor Coping Mechanisms, Violence, Murder, Child Murder, Depression/Dissociation

Body Count:


Note: the dog lives.

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