Of Coraline and Chocolate

13,059 Days Alive

I’ve got a killer diller headache tonight. I’ve tried water, caffeine, chocolate, and NSAIDs. Ugh. I hope it doesn’t turn into a migraine. I’ve got stuff to do this weekend.

I took a mental health day from work tomorrow. This whole death in the extended family thing is really messing with me. Jake and I weren’t particularly close, but I still considered him one of my siblings.

It was drive thru for dinner, as neither Fen nor I had the spoons to cook. I bought some andouille sausage today when I stopped for groceries. Maybe I’ll make beans and rice with sausage this weekend.

I’m re-reading Year One by Nora Robert’s. It was written in 2017 but basically is super relevant because the whole story is about an outbreak. I bought the other two books in the series to read, hopefully this month.

Anyway, it’s late. I’m manic but exhausted. I’m going to crawl into bed and see if I can catch some sleep.

Take your meds, folks.

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