Review: Edge of Shadows

Edge of Shadows

By: Cege Smith 

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img_0742 Book 1 of 3 in The Shadows Series

This story could be summed up, without spoilers, as “Ellie has the strangest, most stressful week ever. It literally changes her life and that’s before she finds out about her ex-husband’s newest omission of truth.”

Trigger Warnings:

Domestic Violence, Alcoholism, Poor Coping Mechanisms, Violence, Murder, Child Murder, Depression/Dissociation

Body Count:


Note: the dog lives.

Overall (spoiler free!) review:

It hooks you on creepy vibe from page one, and you can really feel Ellie’s post-divorce slump as she navigates through the first few days of this adventure. There are twists, turns, and some moments that strike a little hollow, but overall an enjoyable read. Some of the characters could do with a little more development. I mean, when someone dies, I’d love to actually care about it (sorry, **********, but your death was meh at best). The ghosts, demons, and the main character’s psychic abilities are woven believably into this well-paced story.

There was no real smut in this. A couple of flowery phrased snogs; nothing much beyond PG-13 unless you count a few on and off screen murders. Edge of Shadows strikes me as something the Hallmark Channel would rock out around Halloween, but in a good way. I’ve purchased books two and three because I am a completist and Cege Smith, gorramit, hooked my curiosity with that ending.

I want to know what happens to Ellie and David, and if their tepid romance thus far ever goes anywhere beyond passing out, wine drunk and overtired respectively, on the couch. I want to know if Kevin gets more of a personality beyond the best friend and gay guy. I want to see Kevin’s boyfriend, and know what the hell happens to Ellie’s coffee shop! I also want to know more about the big bad, the ghosts, and Ellie’s past. So many questions and only two more books in the series.


Ellie Coulter: our grumpy but lovable main gal. She’s post-divorce, depressed, and can see people’s auras. Practically Paleolithic in her technological tendencies but runs her coffee shop with love and sass.

Skipper: her dog. Adorable. He lives.

David Mitchell:  the white knight that is far more than he first seems. He comes off as well-meaning but a little, well, creepy, at times. No relation to the comedian with the same name.

Jake Coulter: Ellie’s ex-husband; not a great dude, alcoholic, and seriously up on the creep-scale.

Linda Jordan: the enigmatic, rich friend. Doesn’t quite make sense sometimes.

Randal McGinty: creepo-the-creepy-creep. Also known as Linda’s boyfriend. I wanted to punch him at least four times after his character was introduced.

Kevin: the gay best friend who helps Ellie get out of her post-divorce slump.

Jeffrey: the butler. No, he didn’t do it. I think.

Melanie and Herbert Wilson: quirky friend/customer of Ellie’s and her much adored husband. Adorable awesome characters.

Joe Klein: a half-fleshed out character who gets the short end of the stick.

Jenny: Jake’s new girlfriend.

The Technical Specs:


-Series name: Shadow Series

-Book number: Book 1 of 3


-Technical: Horror

-Theo: Fluffy Horror, Feminist Fiction,

Page count:

-Paperback: 268 pages


-3rd person, multiple.

Publication information:

  • Paperback: 268 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (April 11, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1467940607
  • ISBN-13: 978-1467940603

To Read or Not To Read (Again)

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Rating out of five:

3.5, Creepy but Cheesy

Representation and Sexism Tests:

Bechdel–Wallace Test: PASS

-Do two female characters talk about something than a male character? Yes!

DuVernay Test: FAIL

-Are there fully actualized characters of color? No.

Ellen Willis Test: PASS

-Would two related characters still work to carry the story if their genders were reversed? Yes!

Mako Mori Test: PASS

  1. Is there a female character? Yup
  2. Does she get her own arc? Yes
  3. Does it do anything but support a man’s story? Nope!

Sexy Lamp Test: PASS

-Would the plot fall apart if the female character was replaced by a sexy looking lamp? Yes. Oh gods, it would fail without all of the female characters.

Vito Russo Test: PASS

  1. Is there a character on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum? Yup!
  2. Are they a character beyond their orientation? Yes. (Though it could be better.)
  3. Do they affect the plot? Yes.

Was it Engaging Y/N?

It was kind of a fluffy slog through the first chapter or two, but once that ball got rolling, it was hard to put down. Read it in less than three days.

Favorite Character:

Melanie Wilson, the weird writer.

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