Of Variables and Voracious Reading

13,340 Days Alive

855 Days Straight on Duolingo

60 Minutes in a Math Class

8 Homework Assignments

2 Hours, 45 Minutes of System Issues

2nd Book of 2022 Likely to be Finished Tonight

So. I got to work early today only for a company-wide system outage to screw me out of more than two and a half hours of actual working time. I’m so upset.

The plan is to try and go in early again tomorrow and get more work done since I lost two hours plus of my day to server issues.

Other than work stress, I’m… okay? Tepidly happy? I’m in pain but that’s because I need to actually sit at a table when I’m attending the online course I’m taking. It’s not so much a course formally, though we’re using Khan Academy; it’s more like awesome tutoring for college algebra foundations and beyond. I knocked out half my homework already just in the first ten minutes after our “class”.

I’m almost done with the 1,000 XP point challenge for January already. Something like eighty percent done. I had a three day free trial of Duolingo and I took full advantage of it.

This Covid variant has me worried. A lot of my coworkers are getting sick. I’m wearing a mask almost constantly at work now. I can’t afford to get sick.

I’m twenty three percent through the second book in the Chronicles of the One Trilogy by Nora Roberts. Year One’s review can be found by clicking the hyperlink. The second on, Of Blood and Bone, is a good read so far. I’m not totally sold on the child-savior thing, but I’ll read it out. I’ve read part of it before, as I remember some things and highlighted portions of the book I liked.

One quote, in particular, struck me:

Fear is a weapon just as courage. Without fear there is no prudence. Without prudence there is recklessness. With recklessness, defeat.

Of Blood and Bone, Nora Roberts. St. Martin’s Publishing Group, 2018

Nora Roberts has been one of my favorite authors for many years. She doesn’t like fan fiction writers, but plays in the same sandbox as some of the other fiction writers that lean so heavily on the Celtic/Irish folklore and mythology. A bit hypocritical, but she’s an elderly white woman of privilege who isn’t keen on change it seems.

I’m off to play on Duolingo and read a bit before bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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