Productive Saturday

12,235 Days Alive

7,310 Books to Read

6 Places Visited Today

1 Nightmare Snare Made

I need a haircut. But damn did I get a lot done!

I broke an early fast at Cracker Barrel with Chele first! We exchanged the customary gifts. I got a new book, some awesome incense, and two giant jars of peanut butter (inside story). She got me an amazing journal I’m going to record my new adventures in. And I got the chance to snap a picture with a “caticorn”.

And then we hit not one but two craft stores! I picked up the materials for her nightmare snare and it is going to be absolutely phenomenal. It’s going to have a rose quartz and silver tree of life as the center. Then the snare part will be crocheted out from there and the florals added on the outer edges.

I also picked up some extra materials to make something for J! I made her a nightmare snare as well! With the timing and size, I was actually able to start, finish, and gift it to them today!

I even hid a little wolf in it for a long running joke about J’s tendency to want to howl back at coyotes.

And then Ruby, J, and I went out to chill. We hit a gas station for energy drinks and then hit a local hang out joint.

Terrible lighting, great smiles!

I’m having a blast flirting with our server dude Phil and just… exhaling.

I feel like I am finally able to give my Darling Wife some space. I’m finding my hobbies again. Floral working, drawing, painting, writing. I’m having fun finding myself again on the other side of this depressive under swing that I’ve been going through as of late.

Right now, I kind of want a burger and a nap. Or to stay up all night writing. I’m not sure which.

I want to finish. Finish a blanket in a week, finish a story, finish another project. I want to meet more goals.

We’re planning museum invasions and possible trips and all these wonderful things.

I hope things turn out well.

I’m off to do things. Take your meds, folks! And hydrate!

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