Anxiety-Riddled Thursday

12,389 Days Alive

8,029 Ebooks to Read

18 Hours Awake

I’m punchy as hell right now. And I have the hiccups.

A lot of the secondary things I do outside of work are much harder or downright impossible without computer access.

It is very frustrating.

I’m not in a great brain space, so I’m just going to go to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

Review: Your Son Is Alive (A Thriller)

Your Son Is Alive (A Thriller)

James Scott Bell

Available on: Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Read as part of the Cloak and Dagger Challenge 2019!


Blurb: It starts with a note that tells Dylan Reeve the son that he and his now ex-wife Erin lost to kidnapping fifteen years ago is alive. This single note, written in crayon, drags him into a world of deadly games, ghosts from the past, and the hope that their son truly is still alive.

Trigger Warnings:

Ableism, Blood, Bullying, Child Abuse, Death, Drug Use (Illicit), Drug Use (Non-Consensual), Emotional Abuse, Food, Gun Violence, Mental Abuse, Mental Illness, Murder, Non-Consensual Touching, Physical Abuse, Poor Coping Mechanisms, Self-Injury, Stockholm Syndrome, Suicide, Toxic Masculinity, Unsafe Lifestyle, Violence, Violent Imagery,

Body Count: 2

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Review: History of the Donner Party: A Tragedy of the Sierra

History of the Donner Party: A Tragedy of the Sierra

By Charles Fayette McGlashan

Available on: Amazon

Read as part of the Diversify Your Reading Challenge 2019.


Blurb: A literal history of the Donner Party (1846-1847), the fates of the various peoples who perished, and the claims of cannibalism and murder. This book was written in 1880 and celebrated those that survived the ordeal.

Trigger Warnings:

Blood, Cannibalism, Death, Food, Gore, Gun Violence, Murder, Systemic Racism, Time Period Accurate Racism, Violence, Violent Imagery

Body Count: 42 of 90

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Waiting Wednesday

12,381 Days Alive

7,936 EBooks To Read

2 More Days Till the Weekend!

I’m so excited! Only two more days till I get to see Baby Bubble, Mal, and Bubbles. It will be a little vacation for me and I am looking forward to it.

I’m exhausted, though, so I’m for bed.

Take your meds folks.

Too Bright Tuesday

12,380 Days Alive

7,865 Ebooks to Read

1 Migraine Haunting Me

Migraine is kicking my ass. I barely made it through the day today. Tomorrow might not be better.

I want to Read, to study, but I can barely keep my eyes on the screen.