12,385 Days Alive

Well, today has been a definitely mixed kind of bag.

A pipe under the kitchen sink broke today and flooded half the apartment while I was in Orlando seeing Mallard, Bubbles, and Baby Bubble.

I’m so exhausted. I had a blast! But I am fatigued as hell.

I’m hoping to take a shower, take my meds, and hopefully crawl into bed with my Darling Wife.

I feel so bad that I wasn’t here to help. But I also feel that by coming back in underfoot?

I dunno. Maybe I’m overtired from swimming and kebab making this weekend.

Mal and I had a blast at the grill together.

I was the non-meat tongs. Lol.

Mal and I also played a few hands of Rummy, which is always fun! We were pretty darn close in the end, but I won overall. Maybe he’ll get the next one!

I’m going to go drag myself through the shower.

G’night, all. Take your meds.

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