Terrifically Productive Thursday

12,382 Days Alive

7,979 EBooks To Read

13 Regular Books to Read

1 Shadow Headache

I’m trying not to cave to the migraine that has been knocking on my brain since earlier this weekend. I’ll have to make sure to pack some imatrex in my bag tonight when I get ready for my little weekend holiday.

After work on Friday, I’ll be stepping out to the Central Florida area to go see Mal, Bubbles, and Baby Bubble! I’m so excited.

I’ll be bringing Kola’s blanket along with me, since I am nearly finished with it and want to get it to them as soon as possible. I also need to find Riqui’s hat and scarf because I meant to mail it and then all the craziness of a few weeks ago happened and now hell if I can find it!

I will find it and send it out, maybe use the auto post machine on Monday or some such.

Brain-wise, I’m not doing too terrible? Like, I keep having nightmares, but I’m not waking up screaming, so I’ll call it an improvement. The laptop I was gifted isn’t booting up now, so I’m a little limited on what I can write and with that being one of my main coping mechanisms, it’s a little crippling for me. I have a story to be told, but I think too fast for handwritten things to work. But I’m desperate to get this story out, so I’ll have to hand-write it until I can either get the old brick to boot up, fix the new laptop, or get a new computer. Maybe I should just aim for a desktop and write at home like a normal weirdo.

I hope my Darling Wife gets to have herself a little down time while I’m gone. The chance to starfish on the bed is not one she gets to have often with me always there. And I’ll be gone until Sunday evening, so that’s something.

I’m tired. Not exhausted, but tired. I’m mad about things I can’t fix because I can’t afford to fix them yet. I’m mad that I’m not getting a raise at my job at the end of the fiscal year in July. I’m just… upset. Frustrated. I keep feeling like there’s a cog slipping in my life and things are just still out of whack. It’s vexing. Things are better now, thanks to the phenomenal kindness of a friend, and I’m a lot less stressed out than I was six hours ago.

I’m for bed now, I suppose. It’s early, but I’m tired. Though I’m so excited I’m sure I’ll have a little trouble sleeping tonight.

G’night, Wonderlandians. Take your meds and drink some damn water you likely dehydrated lovelies.

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