Slightly Sleepless Sunday

12,236 Days Alive

2 Cups of Tea I Forgot to Make

1 Hour Slept

1 Project Finished

1 Project Restarted

I’m still feeling terrible. But I have work tomorrow and I have my voice back. Steph, the poor dear, is still plague riddled as well.

I couldn’t sleep last night. I made the mistake of taking a dose of overnight cold meds to try and get rid of this stupid nasal congestion and massive nose-running b.s. I have going on. But I forgot that there are certain meds that rob me of sleep. I was up the whole night.

It was slow going because I was exhausted and my hands were a little shaky, but I started a tree of life. And then I needed more wire and popped out to the craft store for some.

It’s the center of the largest nightmare snare I have made to date.

I’m reading two books for two different reading challenges: Diversify and Sweet Southern Tea. I’ve been trying to keep busy-ish all day so I don’t nap and just completely screw my sleep schedule. But since I’ve all but entirely given up soda and we don’t have any coffee in the house currently t, I finally crashed around 3:45pm and got back up around an hour later. Steph made an amazing dinner!

Mozzarella mashed cauliflower with green onions and some almond flour and garlic Mrs Dash dredged chicken tenderloins that have been airdrying overnight in the fridge.

I had to restart a hat because it was messed up and somehow too big at the top and too small at the bottom. Ugh. But I was able to purchase the commissioner’s preferred pattern so I can make it!

Anyway, I am absolutely exhausted and only upright because I can’t take my meds for another half hour.

Take your meds and hydrate, folks.

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