Dresses, Dali, Dining, Downey, and Delightful Darling

12,357 Days Alive

7,376 Books to Read

5,780 Steps Walked

1 Movie Half Watched

Rehfan and I hit the Dali Museum today! It was a glorious mile plus walk on a nice day in dresses!

Thanks Mama K for the awesome dress! ❤️

I wore contacts and we hit the museum. I met a lovely college professor named AJ and she had a super cute dress on, too!

I didn’t take pictures at the museum because… well, I was having too much fun to snap photos. Sorry.

And then we went to a restaurant that should have served more than brunch, but the breakfast burger I got and the chicken paella Rehfan got was good.

Then, we went back to her place to decompress, have a lazy, creative Sunday together. We ended up getting dinner somewhere known for this dessert:

I’m so excited to try this s’mores monstrosity!!

We watched about half of the first RDJ Sherlock Holmes before I turned into a pumpkin and headed home.

I’m a super pumpkin now. So. Good night.

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