Super Productive Sunday

12,378 Days Alive

7,800 EBooks to Read

1,863 Words Written

1 Dead Laptop Screen

Today was fantastically productive. Spending time with Reffie was amazing as always. She and I hung out and wrote. And when I got home…my laptop screen wasn’t working.

Fret not! I’m going to try to get it to project to the smart tv to be able to still use it. I’m not sure it will work, but it just bumps a laptop up higher on the list of things I need to work on replacing.

In other news, I only lost just shy of two thousand words written today. But it was a nothing fluff piece so that’s fine.

It wasn’t like when I lost an entire novel.

I’m still trying to finish up the commissions for Cola and Vera. And I may start a new car kept shawl tomorrow.

This is the pattern available for sale on Ravelry by My Crochetory. I’m really looking forward to making it.

I need sleep. G’night Wonderlandians.

Take your meds.

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