What a Rainy Thursday

12,445 Days Alive

Today is one of those tired but wired days. Of course, I took two caffeine pills this morning because I didn’t sleep well, but I was feeling this way before I did that.

I never know if it’s Mania or Depression day until at least noon.

Today was a weird day. I got a little too much done today. I was working on stuff for tomorrow because I ran out of work.

I’m starting to settle in the new job, but damn do I need that insurance to kick in as soon as possible.

I’m really struggling to be okay right now. Every damn night is nightmares of homelessness or hospitalization and no real rest. I’m almost out of caffeine pills, but I get paid next week so I hope I can pick up more. I couldn’t get through the workday without them.

Tomorrow is Friday, so at least I get to wear jeans.

I’m gonna go lay down, listen to Nan watching Christmas movies in July.

Take your meds, folks.

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