Superbly Productive Saturday

12,496 Days Alive

1 Documentary on Raúl Juliá Watched

Today was a cup of peach tea and a closet conquered. Heh.

To explain, my friend Reffie has a spare room she’s been trying to whip into shape. With my help, eight bags of miscellaneous junk found it’s way where it needed to go. And I picked up a few books… that I then forgot at Reffie’s house. Whoops.

She made Portuguese Soup for me, and I even got to take home the leftovers! Don’t be shocked if a version of it ends up on Postmark one of these days. It’s delicious!

Then, we skipped out to the local Home Shopping Network Outlet store. It was so terribly stuck in the late 80s to early 90s, sound track wise.

We then hit up a local bakery for some tea treats. Among our haul was my first gingerbread man of the year! Mmmm!

We watched the PBS documentary on Raúl Juliá and it was positively lovely. I learned so much and was so moved.

Speaking of moving, once I got home, the in laws came over! Aunt Tam, Aunt Jack, and Nan all joined us for a rather boisterous dinner. We had Chinese food. As I am much a creature of habit, I got General Tso’s Chicken. It was pretty good.

I’m headed to bed now. Today was a long day and tomorrow I get to spend with Linna at Ikea! It’ll be an adventure.

Take your meds, Folks!

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