Friday the 13th, 2019

12,495 Days Alive

1 Day Without Vomiting

0 Days Since Crying for No Apparent Reason

I have that screaming loneliness in a crowd feeling again. Like no one wants or needs me around.

I just feel… disinclined to reach out. That wanting affection makes me a burden on people. That needing to hear I’m needed, wanted around, missed when gone is a stupid insecure blathering.

I also haven’t written this week because I’ve been so wretchedly ill. I mean, this whole week has been a new level of hell for me.

It’s my own fault. I know that. But it’s too late now. I just have to keep going and hope I get through.

I’m hoping to find some napping time this weekend as well as some writing time.

I’m going to go read. Be gentle with yourself, friend. You’re the only you that you’ve got.

Take your meds.

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