Merry, Merry Mabon 2019

12,503 Days Alive

40 Day Streak on Duolingo

6 Weeks Till November

2 Fall Wreathes Made

1st Day Of Autumn

I made a thing!

Happy Autumnal Equinox!

My Darling Wife and I are over at J and Bill6’s for Mabon. The weekends of this next month or so are pretty damn packed so I’m glad to see them for a day.

There were cookies made.

They were absolutely delicious. I’m going to ask my dear J for their recipe as there were some interesting components to it. J says the following: use the recipe on the back of the bag of Toll House chips. Use half bread flour and regular and equal parts of white and brown sugar with semi-sweet chips in half the amount called for. They were delicious.

We’re playing a continuation of a Savage Worlds game we started a while back. I’m playing Hild.

She’s a paladin in the Medieval Era that was visitors by “Merlin” who gave her, of all things, a Peacemaker gun, bullets, and the knowledge of how to use them and make more bullets! I also have a Code Of Chivalry that I follow (or else).

We had fresh chicken pot pie for dinner, which is another recipe I’ll have to steal from Bill6 as it was stunning.

I even remembered my Dice Bag this time!

While dinner was cooking, we played around with Railroad Ink.

We made wreathes for the holiday, broke bread, and even got some new curtains hung up in their living room.

All in all, a wonderful Mabon.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to go hang out and get some crafting done with Linna. A nice, relaxing weekend, all told.

May this be the start of a beautiful Autumn!

Blessed Be, Friends. And take your meds.

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