Games, Nachos, and Kitty Cuddles

12,665 Days Alive

2 Books Being Read

1 Plate of Nachos Eaten

Edit: blogging works better when I actually remember to post the post. Whoops.

I got up, as usual, today at 6:20 to feed the cats. I don’t know why I chose 6:20 a.m. as their feeding time as they get fed at 6:30 p.m. (almost) every night. Too late to change it now. Gods knows they’d wake me up that ten minutes early if I tried to change it. As it is, I am occasionally a cat landing pad and screamed at an hour early if only for fun.

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Sweets, Stories, and Spock

Days alive: 12,174

Hours slept: 5.5 hours

Games played today: 4 and counting

Cookies had: 5

Panic attacks had: 2

Days till NaNoWriMo: 4 and counting!

Crochet projects restarted: 1

Days till my Darling Wife’s birthday: 2

It’s Game Day at my friends, hosted by a hubby and wife pair we all know, Jay and Sunflower, along with Bill6, my Darling Wife, and J. An amazing amount of spooky themed food and games. Continue reading “Sweets, Stories, and Spock”