Of Games and Goals

13,198 Days Alive

715 Days Straight on Duolingo

3 Games Played

2.5 Weeks of Memos Caught Up

2 Servings of Chicken Nachos

1 Grocery Run

Holy hell was today productive at work. Between decent sleep, meds, and just a really good day I got a lot of things done.

The brain fog was real today. I forgot to take my morning insulin. And just remembered to take my evening dose. I need to get back into the habit of checking my sugars and the like. And packing lunches. I have three awesome new lunch boxes thanks to my little brother, my friend Gwen, and my housemate Fen.

My friend Scott wasn’t at work today. Neither was Izzy. Hopefully they’ll both be back tomorrow and in good health.

I got to play games on Board Game Arena (BGA) with my friends who now live in up Nortg, Jason and Britt, as well as J and Bill6. We played a game that was new to me, that I don’t recall the title of, as well as CuBirds and Go Nuts for Donuts on BGA.

I’ve been chatting with this really interesting human the last few days. We’ve really clicked and I hope to arrange a video chat or meet up sometime soon. Probably a video chat first just to assure them I’m not seven raccoons stuffed in a trench coat or something like that. They deal with chronic pain and similar struggles to mine, so it’s interesting speaking with them. And they’re only four days younger than me!! I thought that to be hilarious.

Mentally, I’m actually okay. I’m really proud of myself for catching up today at work. And I wrote, and chatted with above-mentioned person, on lunch. The mental radio is pretty quiet; playing at a reasonable volume somewhere down the hall. My anxiety is fairly leveled out, though I still get random spikes of panic at times. I haven’t had a panic attack in nearly a month. And I’m not as depressed or suicidal as usual?

I crocheted while gaming tonight. Working more on Papa Tom’s blanket. I really need to crack on, as Gordon Ramsey would say, and get it done before the holidays.

Anyway, it’s after ten and I’m in pain. I’m going to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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