Of Back Pain and Baths

13,199 Days Alive

Spock got out again. And down the stairs. And into the only muddy spot he could find. So. Bath time for the cat face tonight. He was not happy.

But then again, neither was I. I didn’t want to play fetch the feline after a long day at work. But Spock had other ideas.

With all the movement and bending giving him a bath, my lower back is screaming bloody murder. Bad enough that I took actual pain meds for it. Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

Work was exhausting but good. I got caught up on memos yesterday and finished catching up today. Now I just need to get through the literal fourteen pages of todos I have.

Oh! I got another half a repeat done on Papa Tom’s Plaid Blanket! It doesn’t photograph well just yet. Needs more repeats to build the pattern. I’ll keep working on it.

Mentally, I’m fried and it’s only Tuesday. I’m hoping I get good, solid sleep tonight and wake up early enough to pack a lunch.

Brain gremlins are loud and tell me I am a failure. And I’m going through a weird “I need a goddamned cuddle pile” phase again. I’m going to see Mal and Bubbles and their tiny humans this weekend. Hopefully I can get some hugs while I’m there.

Anyway. I’m stick a fork in me done with today. Take your meds, folks.

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