Of Bed Frames and Bookcases

13,534 Days Alive

2 Pieces of Furniture Built

1 Meander About Town with Aaron

Aaron and I built my bed frame this morning, after we got back from walking some errands.

I’d say “running” errands, but I don’t run.

We started off heading for the hardware store but briefly detoured Starbucks for some cold beverages. Then we to Ace Hardware to get some keys made for me for the front door and the gate.

It was a very productive day today. After Ace we walked to the local grocery store to get ingredients for dinner. Butter chicken was what I made and everything has gotten so expensive it’s frustrating. It was literally over $100 for the meal and utensils to make it with.

We still have leftover pizza from Saturday evening to finish, too. Maybe I’ll make a nice red sauce with veggies and some pasta tomorrow.

We put together my bed frame from the Papas and a bookshelf I ordered off Amazon together this afternoon and evening. Between the bed frame and dinner, Aaron and I took an accidental nap. Whoops.

Me, Bianco, and Aaron played rummy tonight. Three rounds and the scores were not close at all. I won, Bianco was second, and Aaron was third. It was fun.

Aaron flies home tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be sad to see him go. But glad for the time and adventure we had together on this trip. And I’m grateful for his presence on the emergency end of this particular trip.

Anyway, I’m going to run through the shower and head to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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