A Sunday Spent Decking Halls

12,560 Days Alive

1 Tired Me

I, for the record, didn’t actually deck anyone. I just spent the day helping Nan Christmas-ify her front room and unpack all the interesting ornaments .

We got the Christmas tree up previously. I fought with batteries and tried to avoid a repeat of my eye jabbing adventure that occurred last time I fought with this particular Christmas tree.

I literally got to put a Christmas choo-choo train under this tree. Which, admittedly, took me longer than I would care to admit. But it’s done. All the cars are on the track; the little light up train station has its batteries in and it twinkles a bit as the train rolls by. The train itself alternates between blaring a train bell with track noises and chirping obnoxiously a few strains of a random Christmas song before it reverts to the former.

We hung all of Nan’s ornaments on the tree. She has ones from the seventies and before. I admit to a strange sense of envy at the physical reminders she has of bygone days. I have but a scant few things from the early 2000s. And maybe one thing from before then that I would consider a family heirloom.

But getting nostalgic and sad would be a poor end to an otherwise passable day.

I miss my house. My wife and roommate. My cats. I feel so disconnected as of late. Like I’m not really needed there, or anywhere. But hopefully the new job I’ll be starting in December will help out a bit.

I have been tired since I woke up at seven am this morning. So I am going to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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