Traveling to Tampa

12,574 Days Alive

1 Holiday Done

1 New Adventure Tomorrow

Home again, home again, as the nursery rhyme says! I’m surrounded by cats that haven’t seen me and am apparently forgiven for leaving for a few days.

I feel lighter. Knowing I’m starting my new job tomorrow is part of it. But also, family is such an important cornerstone to me and being able to reconnect with loved ones like Papa and Sean Michael, and gain new family like Pop, is amazing.

My day started with a cup of tea Pop made for me. It has become a routine there, to have a cup before starting the day. I think it’s something I want to incorporate into my own non-holiday mornings. My commute is pretty much cut in half, so I will have a little more time to myself when starting my day.

We went to breakfast and had a lovely meal at the Egg Yolk Cafe. I drank too much coffee, but got to have French toast! Then it was back to the house to relax until time for my flight out of Midway.

The flight home was delayed slightly. Not because of the weather.

One of our flight attendants was missing; he was made late by being on a flight that landed when we were supposed to take off.

I got to see the sunset from 10,000 feet.

I was super restless on my flight.

Once I landed, Nan picked me up and we went out to dinner to celebrate her birthday. I treated her and we got onto an argument over the check because she tried to pay. Screw that. It’s her birthday!

I miss Papa and Pop already. But I’m glad I went. I had such a good time.

Mental health-wise, as I said, I feel lighter. Tired physically, but the mental suicide radio is playing quietly, nearly drowned out by the Christmas music running through my head.

I’m heading to bed now. Take your meds, folks.

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