A Chilly Tuesday

12,576 Days Alive

42°F This Morning

This morning was absolutely beautiful out. It seems the cold weather followed back to Tampa.

While I don’t expect the little hint of winter to last long, it is nice for however long it lasts.

There’s a lot rattling around my brain today.

It was my second day at work and I started getting on the phones already. It’s kind of like my work previous doing medical record retrieval, just learning a different system. It’s a lot of information at once, but I’m sure I’ll get the jive of it after a few days.

Today, I mailed out my dad’s remains to be interred with his parents. It was hella expensive. I’m not quite how I should feel about it, but I’m not focusing on it too much. I may have lost him and my stepdad, but I gained Papa and Pop. It kind of evens out in the end.

Tomorrow’s the one year anniversary of Daddy’s death, too. I’ll have to remember to reach out to Uncle Doug and check on him at some point tomorrow.

In less depressing news, I mailed out Kola’s blanket to him today, finally. It took me forever and a day to do and I feel awful that it took me so long.

I’m stressed and sad, so I think I’ll go play video games for a bit.

Take your meds, folks.

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