Weary on a Wednesday

12,577 Days Alive

2 Helpings of Bread Pudding

1 Year Death Anniversary

Work went well today. I’m really liking the new gig. I seem to be catching on fairly quickly, though there are still some things I’m struggling with. I’m trying to cut myself some slack since it’s only my third day.

It helps that I have a solid background in records retrieval, so I’m not completely floundering in what I’m doing. It’s just a matter of learning the new system and procedures. My coworkers are all just lovely. I know two of them from a prior place of employment, and there’s a fellow tea junkie in the office as well. I bought an electric kettle for the break room so we could enjoy plenty of tea.

The weather was lovely again today. Brisk, but the office was cold, so I’ll have to learn to layer at this office, too.

Steph made this amazing bread pudding with Thanksgiving leftovers. King’s Hawaiian Rolls, egg on custard, and topped with an amazing Disarono butterscotch sauce she made. It was so good.

I’ve got a headache coming on. The brightness from the television and my screen is bothering me, which means it’s time to take some medication before this becomes a full-blown migraine.

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