Somewhat Productive Saturday

12,727 Days Alive

1 Accidental Nap

So, I made a mistake on the baby blanket I’m making for Baby Bubble. An unfixable one. I’m going to have to frog the entire thing.

Frogging, in this case, is where you undo all the hours of hard work by taking apart the blanket back down to its original yarn.

I’m super frustrated. But I’ll restart it again, for a fourth time, tomorrow. Not tonight.

I meant to, but I kinda good coma’d after the awesome dinner Steph made of riced cauliflower chicken enchiladas. So good.

Anyway, mentally I’m kind of in a blank space. Don’t really feel anything. I dunno what’s up with that, but eh. At least I got today’s self love journal prompt out.

I’m going to head to bed. G’night folks, and take your meds!

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